Running a Successful Marketing Campaign

Running a Successful Marketing CampaignEvery good product, service and business has returning customers. Returning customers spell business success and are vital to the continued good health of the company. Every business needs to develop matrices to calculate the number of returning customers v/s first-time customers.

Why are returning customers so vital and what do they have to do with marketing campaigns?

If the number of returning customers is miniscule (under 15%), it means that the marketing campaign is successful but the product or service does not meet quality expectations. This results in more and more funds being diverted to marketing campaigns. Stop the marketing campaign and business will have to fold up. Obviously this is not a healthy situation.

You might have noticed that there are a number of businesses that are doing very well despite spending insignificant amounts on marketing. A good example is BOSH from Germany. When was the last time you saw a BOSH advertisement? And yet, their products are used in most automobiles around the World.

Assuming your product or service is excellent and you have a significant number of returning customers, you probably (unlike BOSH), will still have to spend some money on marketing campaigns. But these marketing campaigns would have to be split into two types – a marketing campaign for the new customer and a marketing campaign for the returning customers.

Yup! From time to time returning customers need to be rewarded for buying your product or service. Technically, this is called inbound marketing.

Running a successful inbound Marketing Campaign – Create attractive, meaningful content

Remember an inbound customer already has significant knowledge of your product or service. He or she does not need sales pitch. What they need is a reward pitch, a kind of “thank you for continuing to shop with us, here’s your reward” kind of marketing campaign.

Maximize use of the social networks to percolate the message. Nothing catches on like a discount or some form of discount e.g. “Buy 1 and get 1 FREE”.

Create landing pages that specifically cater to the content in your Marketing campaign.

If your advertisement claims to offer a “Buy 1 get 1Free” make sure the link from the advertisement takes the customer to the specific page that provides details to that offer. The other day I happened to click on a link that claimed to offer Nike sneakers at under $35 a pair and landed up on a page that was offering Nike sneakers starting at $250. I gave the site 10 seconds worth of my time by scrolling down to see if there were any $35 sneakers and found none. Close site, back to Facebook! Meanwhile the advertiser would have had to pay for the click that brought me to his site but generated no revenue.

Make good use of Facebook leads

Facebook displays adverts primarily based on user comments and messages. Facebook continuously searches for keywords specified in all live advertisements. So if the keyword is shoes or sneakers and a user is discussing or mentions shoes or sneakers, the user will be shown any active advert for shoes or sneakers for the user’s age, gender and demographic group. Facebook’s inbuilt system of identifying qualified leads is quite effective – make good use of it.

Use several formats

In advertising, there is no guaranteed success. Keep several advertisements ready. If you find that one does not work, you will merely have to switch to another without having to waste time developing a new one.


Name for Unique and Sophisticated Custom Blog Design

Successful BlogToday is the era of online blogging. Too many people have gained extensive fame or started earning thousands of dollars through their blogs. If you are someone who has passion for blogging, EPHP Solutions is the ideal place to help you establish a successful blog and with budget prices and high customer endorsement.

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The expert team at EPHP Solutions design clients’ blogs according to their needs. They recognize the customers’ market, their antagonism and their corresponding target. No matter the blog’s center point, EPHP will target the right audience.

EPHP delivers a wide and successful range of services when it comes to blog making. They do not only design the blog from scratch, but also map their work upon branding the blog perfectly in order to attract the greatest amount of the right audience.

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Their high design and technical standards offered by EPHP can transform a simple blog to a thriving business industry. Bloggers can make a living out of their blog and they can become successful and known business bloggers worldwide.

EPHP Solutions not only works on successful marketing and branding of blogs, but they put their professionalism in the blog’s technical features. They use powerful technical blog skills that will make blogs work systematically and without any issues or bugs. They also design the blog in an easy and organized way that help visitors examine it easily, simply and without any difficulties.

The number one ultimate priority at EPHP Solutions is establishing a successful customer service. In addition to the wide-ranging years of expertise in the field, their high rates in 508 Compliant Document Conversion customer service and approval has helped them triumph in the field. They are always there for any queries or hesitations and their team always gives the right and professional advice.

With years of experience, EPHP Solutions has become a worldwide known company that has helped tons of known business industries establish their success and popularity in the field. EPHP is the right place for starting a new successful Section 508 Testing Services And blog that will gain extensive popularity and triumph, in addition to expanding to the blog to business targets.


7 Ways to Generate B2B Leads Online

Search Engine OptimizationIt was the B2B section of the industry that used to be interested in lead generation. Later, it was online marketing that opted for it. But even today, it is tougher attracting potential business customers than hooking consumers but the availability of various powerful techniques today makes decision-makers become online leads.

B2B lead generation is all about impacting the bottom line, as many case studies and specific strategies imply. However, there should be present a firm foundation to ensure the capturing and conversion of a large percentage of leads from the campaigns you’ll be running.

So, to start with, you must avoid the leaky bucket like many of the B2B marketers did till now. They forget to seal the marketing funnel but kept on directing more traffic into it to keep it filled, which increases acquisition costs and bring below-average results.

The landing pages and the online forms play the biggest culprits here, the latter separating leads from non-leads and impacting conversion rates greatly. This makes overall lead generation results suffer and they suffer massively! The only way out is optimising the forms or using a tool to ensure that no leads that your marketing campaigns generate are left behind.

For example, let’s send 1,000 visits to a landing page, each costing $3 and the form converting just 10 of them (1%) into leads, which makes the cost per lead $300. But, if the conversion was 3%, then the 30 leads generated would cost $100 each. For that, you need to improve your lead generation form.
After that, it is about choosing the lead generation channels and/or strategies to use. Good SEO is the easiest and primary way; next, it is email marketing and then, social media and content marketing. All are effective forms of B2B lead generation, but the question is: What suits you?

To answer that, you need to focus upon the audience biases as well as skill sets. There’s no specific ranking that can be given to the different strategies. However, despite all the inconsistencies, the general trend makes email marketing the most preferred way, followed by Section 508 Compliance Testing (SEO), social marketing and content marketing. But fact remains: it’s how you use the lead generation channel that brings the desired results and not what you choose.

So start offering specialized content for free, which will be of great value to the visitors. The content should be presented as a series or as a newsletter; it will keep the interest of the TG for longer and will solidify the trust on the vendor. Right timing is important, for a professional will plain hate to wait long for required information. It should genuine news without delay!

‘About Us’ should be both attractive and informative, for it represents the entire company and everything that it stands by. And there should be present personal contact info. This is important even in the digital age of communication, for both the business managers would like to know who they are dealing with.

LinkedIn is a major 508 Document Conversion platform and is also used for research. Creating a profile each for the business and the person behind it is a practice that bears many fruits. Posts should be useful to prospects and must also showcase the expertise of the poster. Join only communities that comprise potential customers; those that are interested in and participate actively in them. Also, don’t forget to add a sign-up form on every page of your website. It is better than pop-ups and cuts out the annoyance part when it’s short and stands out from the rest of the page.


Ephpsolutions Professional Branding Solutions for Your Graphic Design Needs

Ephpsolutions Professional Branding SolutionsBranding aims to establish a differentiated presence through a visual scheme, which if based on earlier positive customer interaction with your product or service, will translate into a loyal customer base.

Branding is not a marketing strategy – it’s a loyalty strategy based on customer perception attached to the brand. For example, when most folks see the Mercedes Logo they associate it with quality. Every advertisement that Mercedes Benz put out is about quality and this in turn, reinforces the brand. Now take the Ferrari band – folks associate that logo with speed and masculinity. Rolls Royce logo is associated with elegance and style, royalty.

Branding therefore precedes and strengthens any marketing effort. While marketing is a “push sales” effort, branding is a “pull customer” effort because the customer is attracted to the product subconsciously. Put a bunch of cars from different manufacturers together and ask a customer to pick up a car they feel has the best quality to offer; they will almost always pick out the Mercedes Benz – and they do this without any advertisement going on at that moment. The choice is based purely based on memory recall.

Online branding begins with a graphic design – a design that is elegant but at the same time simple enough to be easily memorised. A complex design is self-defeating. The strength of the brand design is always the simplicity of the design itself. Think about it, all the top brands out there from Mercedes to Rolls Royce, to Ferrari to Toyota, to Colgate and the latest; Google all have amazingly simple designs.

Let’s not confuse branding with advertising. Branding does not carry any message – it is merely a powerful symbol that represents the product. The most infamous symbol being the Swastika created by Hitler – again, a very simple symbol.

Once a brand is established through advertisement, the symbol becomes so powerful that nothing need be said to the customer. The mere presence of the symbol says everything but it all starts with a humble Web Development.

At EPHP Solutions, our team of brand experts take a hard look at your product line up and business ethos and creates a series of unique Web Design Solutions – all equally good. Each design is superimposed on your product and stationery so you know how it will look. You select one that you like and our team will finalise it.

Your next step would be to market your product using your new brand symbol but that a different topic – one that we will cover in another article. Your first step is to get the brand symbol ready and there’s none better than EPHP Solutions for this. Knowing and understanding what a brand is, makes them that much more efficient and sure-footed in coming up with an ideal graphic design for your brand symbol.


Effective Technique for Online Lead Generation

EPHPSolutionsAssuming your website has been online for a while and has been generating a decent volume of business, the most effective technique to generate online leads is – Data Mining!

For the uninitiated, data mining begins with identifying general sales patterns and then “drilling to the core” by identifying individual customer purchase patterns. An increase in sales of flash-lights, batteries, emergency lanterns, tinned food during the hurricane season is a general sales pattern. These are relatively and easily identified by just looking at the overall product sales.

The real gold nuggets and Lead Generation Marketing that provide business through out the year occurs deeper and at an individual customer level. These leads are generated by identifying individual patterns. For example, if the bulk of a certain customer’s purchase is Pepe Jeans then it would be fair to conclude that this customer is a Pepe jean fan and would be a good lead for new collection and designs in Pepe Jeans. Based on the customer’s gender, we could also include appropriate accessories that go well with the jeans attire. Now imagine this against all your customers and you could have a huge list of potential leads for all your products. Further, these would be 100% real leads garnered from your own website and not some list you purchase from some dubious source.

If a real human were to analyse the buying pattern, the Lead Generation Company at the individual customer level are very easy to identify for each and every customer. However, this is neither practical nor feasible. What you therefore need is a software with a large degree of artificial intelligence capable of identifying buying patterns and trends and generating leads from that.

The backend system also needs to be able to identify and club products according to a custom criteria. This is how you can bundle products (in our example above, Pepe Jeans bundled with appropriate gender sensitive accessories).

Now, given that website do not have standardised backend engines, off-the-shelf lead generation software will usually fail to impress. What you need is a custom software that not only access your database but is tweaked to your line of business. After all purchase trends in a consumer market are different from trends in a B2B environment.

While there are lots of service providers out there who can deliver the goods for a handsome fee, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to check out a little known India based service provider by the name of EPHP Solutions. These are the guys the larger service providers sub-contract their work to. You can cut the middlemen out and directly work with EPHP Solutions. Check them out here:


The Concept Behind Search Engine Marketing

Online MarketingThe search engine especially Google has become the God of all things. Whether you are seeking information or a product or a service you type whatever you need to know or seek into browser url and boom – a million hits instantly. You usually find whatever you need on the first page of the results; you rarely having to go beyond the first page.

Now what if you have a website or websites and wish that your website should figure on the first page of the results whenever a prospective customer searches for products or services marketed by you? To achieve this, you need search engine marketing which is basically an extension of search engine optimization.

A search engine optimisation is like have a car tune-up. A search engine marketing campaign is like having a tune-up and a paint and polish job. Now your car looks like new and is noticed by everyone. In a search engine marketing campaign, the online marketing company (e.g. ), first tinker under the hood of your website – they look at keywords used, images used, content, navigation, linking and a myraid of other small and big things. Basically, they align the content and the code to make it human and search engine friendly. Considering that humans and machines are not exactly the same, the task is anything but easy.

To make a long procedure short, the Web Design Firm wizards look at each and every product or service you offer and each is separately promoted and marketed in manner so that when prospective customers search for the product or service your website or websites will be on page one of the search engine results.

Sometimes the competition is so tough (e.g. real estate, consumer durables, consumer electronics), that over and above everything they do at your website, search engine advertisement may also be required. Whenever you search for something online notice that the first few results are usually advertisements. Again, whether the prospective customer clicks on an advert or not will depend on how it has been structured and worded. The customers do not wish to have their time wasted; they want to be sure before they click that the site will contain the product or service or information they seek. Achieving that is the work of your search engine marketing gurus.

After your car tune-up and paint job, the results are quite obvious – a smooth ride and great looks. After a search engine marketing campaign the results too are obvious and they are visible in the form of increased sales or visitors to your website.

So you are offering any product or service and your website is currently not delivering the results you expected it to, call in the PHP Web Development Services gurus – there’s no better time than now!


Benefitting from the Social Media Revolution

SEO ServicesThe arrival of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn forever changed the way businesses were promoted and the way businesses interacted with its customers. At a stroke, businesses had a new type of clientele – the online trooper!

The Relevance of Social Media

To begin with, this new class of clientele comprised of people who got their information online, interacted with other online troopers via social media sites and also shopped online. As more people joined and cyberspace revolution and gravitated to one or the other social media site, these sites became a meeting ground for the young and the young at heart.

Today, thanks to the millions of registered users, social media has become so powerful that even print media – both at local and national level scan it for news it can use. So when the CEO of a large company comments on upcoming product releases or developments via any social media site, chances are it will be picked up by the radio, print and television media.

The power of the social media and the advantage of interacting with millions of online users attracted tens of thousands of small and large companies.

Social media challenges

Setting up a page at one or more than one social media site is one thing, succeeding at your Business Process Outsourcing Services objective is another! Indeed, the rewards are directly proportionate to the level and quality of effort that is put in. Success at a social media site requires a relationship and a social media plan.

You start the same way as you would, with your normal customers – by figuring out your target audience, their age, gender, education level and geographic location.

Next, you need to be clear as to your own purpose for joining the social media revolution and also have a real plan in hand.

Look Beyond Facebook, Twitter or Linked

While Facebook, Twitter or Linked are great Advanced SEO Services, the verdict on whether or not they are really great for all types of businesses, is still out. Instead, there are new sites that are absolutely pro-social networkers and pro-business! Take for instance Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social networking site that permits its users to discuss anything and also “pin” information including pictures of products and also links to websites of interest. At the start of 2012, Pinterest has over 18 million registered users of which, over 60% are women discussing everything from bath gel to the latest opera in town – now there’s a hint for you!

The Secret to Social Media Success

A few carefully chosen and well placed words, images and offers at one or the other social media sites, can reap more benefits than millions spent in advertisement. The secret ingredients are authenticity, honesty and an engaging conversation – think of yourself as being at a party. Your hidden agenda always is to promote your business but it needs to be done tactfully.